Turning Poetry Into a Story

I’d never liked poetry, until last year. I was in my creative writing class and my lecturer says “we’re going to look at some poetry” and I groaned! What the exercise was, was taking a Jack Kerouac haiku and using it as inspiration, writing a story, moving smoothly into a memory and then back into the story. Through the exercise, I learnt the beauty in haikus and now I think they’re fantastic.
This is the one I used:

No telegram today
only more leaves

It’s an awesome exercise and now I can read poetry and think ‘how can I turn this into a story?’ I want you to do the same thing I did. Write a thousand words based on one of these:

The bottoms of my shoes
are clean
from walking in the rain.”

“All day long
wearing a hat
that wasn’t on my head.”

Glow worm
sleeping on this flower –
your light’s on.”

No telegram today
only more leaves

“Drunk as a hoot owl,
writing letters
by thunderstorm.”

(All of these poems are by Jack Kerouac)
Good luck 🙂

– Samantha M