There are so many types of voices and I feel like when authors describe a voice, they don’t do it well. What annoys me is when people start describing a voice but then stop so you’re left with like half a description and I start screaming WHYYYYY!!!!

When describing voice, I think it’s best to start with the overall – something like the pitch (usually in romance novels the hero has a baritone – because apparantly tenors aren’t worthy). Describe how the voice makes he/she feel. Then when that is established, the voice can really be versatile for example: his usually sweet voice became dead – completely devoid of emotion. (Really terrible example but you get the gist). This, I find, will also make the characters emotions and reactions more real.

Here are some things to help you get thinking 🙂

Appealing – pleasant to hear

Aggressive – intense or harsh

Bellowing – to yell in a deep voice

Breathy – said breathlessly

Bright – happy or cheerful

Brittle – as though about to cry

Clear – distinct, easily perceptible

Coarse – vulgar or indecent Continue reading