Just the last few days I’ve been doing a heap of writing but I am one of those people who hate repetitive phrases and reading over my stuff I noticed I’ve been doing it with ‘fair’ – as in ‘it’s not fair’.

I know there are several meanings to the word: pale, reasonable, good, adequate, pleasing. But the synonyms for reasonable, to me, are quite pompous and I don’t want to include some in that context because I don’t want it to appear that I’m trying too hard and also because it doesn’t suit the way my character thinks. Basically my character¬†has just had a miscarriage and everything to her isn’t fair. I noticed it was coming up more and more but none of the synonyms are working. Doesn’t it seem quite pompous to say: ‘it wasn’t impartial.’?¬†And that’s my biggest problem! All of these synonyms aren’t as simple as ‘fair’!

Today I scouted the web – desperately trying to find ones that will help me! And these are what I’ve come up with:



See there aren’t many. Otherwise I’d have to stick to words like: Unprejudiced, honourable, unbiased. Maybe this is just one of those words that people won’t think is a repetitive phrase. Maybe it’s fine to use fair in that context but just try to allude to the word by showing how your character feels and why it isn’t fair before saying it isn’t, that way it doesn’t become a broken record. That’s all the advice I have to offer.